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Two political videos

The Internet is the spiritual home of the weird amateur crossover video, but today I think I’ve come across two of the weirdest: a commentary on UK ID cards in the style of Gilbert and Sullivan and yet another Star Wars pastiche… but this one using the Rebel Alliance as a metaphor for organic produce.

A bit of leg

A bit of legThis is insane: a bloke who’s building his own life-sized R2-D2. So far he’s done the legs. I can’t help wondering if he gave up at that point after George Lucas suddenly equipped those same legs with rocket boosters in Attack of the Clones. That’ll teach the nerdy little twat, George probably thought. He should be out driving fast cars and chasing girls, goddammit! Now where did I put that modelling cement…?

But I digress. I’m sure I’m right though. George keeps an eye on these things, you mark my words. If our plucky hobbyist manages to work his way around this one, expect R2-D2 to suddenly be made of liquid metal and be able to morph into a desk lamp at will in time for Revenge of the Sith.

“Links lead to trailers…”

“…trailers lead to overexcitement… overexcitement leads to bowel irregularities… bowel irregularities lead to the dark side!”

Regular blogrot reader (hi Simon!) will remember that I promised myself I won’t watch any trailers for Star Wars Episode III. But that was before an evil, shadowy presence sent me a link to the teaser trailer and I clicked on it quicker than you can say “seduced by the dark side”.

There is another…

I promised myself I wouldn’t watch any trailers for Star Wars: Episode III, since the trailers for episodes I and II just gave away every single bit of the film that was worth watching. But then I saw this. The temptation will be strong. Only sudden death seven days after watching The Ring can save me now.