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Controversial cartoons

Whichever side of this whole cartoons debate you stand on, you have to agree on one thing: it’s really put Denmark on the map. Ask someone this time last week where Denmark was, and they’d probably have told you it’s the part of France where bacon comes from. This morning I put the same question to a passing youngster, and he replied confidently that it’s the part of the Jutland peninsula where provocative, arguably Islamophobic caricatures and bacon come from.

Well heck, I thought, any idiot can draw a few cartoons. And blogrot has never shied away from confronting difficult issues in the search for the odd extra reader. So, here goes nothing.

Cartoon 1
Cartoon 1: A bandy-legged, moon-faced boy makes a startling pronouncement on the nation’s favourite cakebiscuit. In his hand is a copy of David Icke’s Children of the Matrix. The boy may also be wearing a built-up shoe, or it could just be that I can’t draw properly. You decide.

Cartoon 2
Cartoon 2: A bewhiskered old lady happy-slaps a boy with a tomato for a head. In his cry for help, the boy plunges us headlong into the festering tomato controversy. Discuss.

Cartoon 3
Cartoon 3: The Rt Rev Sir Dr Ian Paisley, with the tiny body of a ballerina, wades into the Souness aftermath where his beak-like nose is clearly not welcome. Stick to what you’re good at, Ian! (i.e. bellowing and eating Catholics.) You can intimidate me, sir, but you’ll never take away my freedom of speech.

More may follow. Reprint if you dare!

“moral confusion leading to coping skill friction and decision making aberrations”

Good Lord, what could be responsible for such wholesale detriment to our vulnerable youngsters? Why, The Incredibles of course! An erstwhile favourite of this site, blogrot now sees the film for what it is: a shocking bacchanalia of impudence, hate, violence, bottom-smacking and “dressing to maximize the [cartoon] female form and/or skin exposure“.

That link again: “dressing to maximize the [cartoon] female form and/or skin exposure“.

Incredible! (Part 2)

The Incredibles hit UK cinemas today and at 3:15 this afternoon the whole family was there in force to see it. We loved it! There are much better film reviewers on the web than blogrot, but suffice to say that visually it was unlike anything I’ve ever seen before, including any of Pixar’s previous films. And it’s not all just visuals: as you’d expect from a writer/director previously involved with The Simpsons, it’s buzzing with sly wit, and so full of tiny visual details that we’ll still be noticing new ones on the umpteenth viewing of the DVD.

Equally enjoyable, albeit on a smaller scale, was the accompanying short film Boundin’. I’ll never… now don’t take this the wrong way, mind… I’ll never look at a freshly shorn lamb in the same way again.