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When’s the nude guy coming?

As seen on BBC Radio 4The wicked moral rot of the Democrats continues its relentless march into all spheres of public life. Today it was Nick Robinson on Radio 4’s PM.

I could barely believe my ears:

Ministers and civil servants when you talk to them privately aren’t thinking about the beginning on today this Queen’s speech, they’re thinking: when’s he off and when’s the nude guy coming.

Robinson with that faraway look feared by the nation's ministers and civil servantsI’ve always thought very highly of Robinson in the past, but now I can see he’s just as demented and sex-crazed as the rest of them. I can hardly close my eyes without falling prey to the vilest images of him, knocking on my entrance with his Black Rod and such like.

And to think children could have been listening! Thank God ours prefer Radio 3.

World descends into bacchanalia as Democrats take House of Representatives

The world faces a terrifying and uncertain future today as the United States falls into the hands of pro-terror, anti-life lunatics. Wanton debauchery will surely follow. Listen to the podcast to hear leading Democrat Nancy Pelosi calling for a “nude erection” in Iraq. Meanwhile at a victory rally Democrats show al-Qaeda how America will be waging its “war on terror” from now on: gay men with water pistols.

A terrifying Democrat vision for Iraq

United Nations by Photochiel.

Thank God we still have David Cameron otherwise all might truly be lost.

Perhaps not the words I would have chosen, under the circumstances

As seen on BBC Radio 4Radio 4’s PM did a piece last night about a Scottish Catholic group’s plan to out gay priests on its website. When invited to comment on this, Alistair McBay of the National Secular Society came out with a phrase that was either inadvertent or genius. You decide.

(p.s. Apologies to the BBC for nicking their stuff and podcasting it again. In my defence I did pay for it.)

You are a devious toad, Beverley Hughes

As seen on BBC Radio 4Fame beckons at last! I was broadcast live across the nation tonight as I asked the final question on Radio 4’s Any Questions. Needless to say it was well worth the wait: a cracking little number that blindsided the entire panel and had each and every one of them by the metaphorical goolies. Having said that, the answer from Beverley Hughes was as despicable a piece of ministerial weaselry as I have ever heard.

You can catch the whole programme this week on the website, or during the repeat on Radio 4 tomorrow (Saturday 30th), 1.10-2.00pm. I shall be making a personal copy during that time, the very last portion of which may or may not accidentally make its way into the blogrot podcast. We’ll see.

Update: the pod is cast! The question referred to Two Jabs’ shocking use of the “s-word” at the Labour Party conference in Manchester. Unlike Prezza, though, none of the panel quite managed to move the audience to tears with their answers.

I particularly enjoyed Conservative front bencher Alan Duncan’s apology for the absence of Conservative MPs up here… speaking, as he was, in the heart of a Tory constituency.

Another update: for the next few weeks you’ll also find a transcript here.

Houston, we have a podcast!

Bloody hell, I think I’ve cracked it! Just when you thought blogrot couldn’t get any more irrelevant and half baked!


I won’t be podcasting much – I’m really just doing it for the same reason a dog licks its balls. But there will be the occasional titbit, and you can even subscribe to it in iTunes or another player of your choice using this link:

Wogan… Cooke… Westwood… Pig on Wheels… ahhhh…