I don’t know what you’re doing tomorrow night at 9

But I’ll be watching Extreme Fishing With Robson Green on five. If there’s one thing I love more than Robson Green it’s fishing, and there’s no fishing like extreme fishing. Did you see it last week when he caught that fish and then put it back and then caught it again and then put it back again? TV magic.

Robson prepares to catch a tiddler “the extreme way”. That son of a gun won’t know what’s hit it! Yee-ha!

6 thoughts on “I don’t know what you’re doing tomorrow night at 9

  1. Extreme fishing with Robson Green are you taking the p*ss??? I cant imagine Robson Green doing anything in an extreme manner except re-hashing old croonerific pop songs. If they really wanted to do this show properly surely they could have got somebody a bit more exciting instead. Wanted to comment on the previous post bitters but you’ve locked it 🙁 Have linked you up on the below and will be watching the skies for the bitlight™ on a more regular basis.



    Ps. Hope you used some blogroll! (lame)

  2. don’t listen to Jon – “nevermind real ones”. He’s full of shit. Or he thinks my comment 2 days ago wasn’t real :p

    Anyway, I actually came here to say that you really should get out a little more. Or get some quality time with your new Porn Browser.

    Over and out.

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