The Scottish question

Watched a bit of CBeebies with the kids this morning and realised just how infiltrated it has become by Scottish. Honestly, you can’t leave your children in front of the telly for more than a few hours these days without a Scottish rearing its insidious head and whispering poison in their ear: Balamory, Me Too, Bits and Bobs, Brum… the list goes on, all populated by the inanely grinning descendants of William Wallace.

Forget the Midlothian Question. This isn’t about the ballot box any more – they’re getting their hands on them far younger now. We must join together and stem this evil tide before it is too late. They can mesmerise our toddlers with their brightly coloured houses and funny voices, but they’ll never take away… our freedom!

Granny Murray
“Granny Murray” – harmless cross-dressing presenter of Me Too! or undercover freedom fighter for the SNP?

I’m only kidding, of course: many of my best friends are Scottish. (But not for much longer if they don’t pay me that five quid they owe me.)