You are a devious toad, Beverley Hughes

As seen on BBC Radio 4Fame beckons at last! I was broadcast live across the nation tonight as I asked the final question on Radio 4’s Any Questions. Needless to say it was well worth the wait: a cracking little number that blindsided the entire panel and had each and every one of them by the metaphorical goolies. Having said that, the answer from Beverley Hughes was as despicable a piece of ministerial weaselry as I have ever heard.

You can catch the whole programme this week on the website, or during the repeat on Radio 4 tomorrow (Saturday 30th), 1.10-2.00pm. I shall be making a personal copy during that time, the very last portion of which may or may not accidentally make its way into the blogrot podcast. We’ll see.

Update: the pod is cast! The question referred to Two Jabs’ shocking use of the “s-word” at the Labour Party conference in Manchester. Unlike Prezza, though, none of the panel quite managed to move the audience to tears with their answers.

I particularly enjoyed Conservative front bencher Alan Duncan’s apology for the absence of Conservative MPs up here… speaking, as he was, in the heart of a Tory constituency.

Another update: for the next few weeks you’ll also find a transcript here.

4 thoughts on “You are a devious toad, Beverley Hughes

  1. You fool Whitaker! I just noticed that you didn’t say your name – I didn’t spot that last night. No-one will know it’s you. In fact, I’m going to claim it was me, and soak up the glory…..

    That’s your 15 minutes of fame done for. Andy Warhol will be belming in his grave.

  2. Not so fast, Frog Watcher! I cunningly edited out my name to preserve the Zorro-like anonymity I enjoy on this blog. And now you’ve gone and blown my cover sky high, you turd. I spit on you!

  3. I’ll let you off just this once. I checked the mighty Beeb’s website, and your story holds up. I thought it odd that :
    a) my memory would fail me, and
    b) I would have let you get away last night without a good solid berating.

    I refuse to spit back, I’ll take the moral high ground.

  4. >>>Belming in his grave, eh? I investigated in a boring manner, and found…

    Belm is a municipality in the center of the district Osnabrück in Lower Saxony


    Originally used by schoolkids in the 1970’s, to express your opinion that the person you are speaking to is not telling the truth.

    Always pronounced with your tongue stuck between your bottom lip and bottom teeth, so as to push out your bottom lip more than normal.

    Often supplemented by holding said bottom lip area with your thumb and index finger, as if you were pulling your lip out.

    Silly voice can be added for extra effect.

    “You’ve got a space-invader machine in your bedroom? Belm!”

    “He’s such a belmer”

    “You sh*gged a girl in fifth year? BELM! BELM! BELM!”


    I know Andy Warhol doesn’t conform to normal expectations, but doing anything like this in your grave is unlikely to contribute to the gaiety or artistry of nations.

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