Lettice the Bridesmaid

lettice_tn.jpgOne of the girls has brought a new book home from school today, Lettice The Bridesmaid. The book concerns a young woman called Giselle who writes to local rabbits and teaches them to dance.

Come in, Lettice,” she laughs as Lettice (a rabbit) arrives for her dancing lesson, “I’ve got something special to show you!

The “something special” is a wedding dress with a small boy living under it. Giselle stages an impromptu wedding rehearsal with lead roles for the small boy and the rabbit, then immediately gets married in a field, with both human and rabbit guests in attendance. The rabbits all get to sit at the front, on both the bride’s and groom’s sides. The groom looks old enough to be Giselle’s father. Giselle is beautiful but has the vacant smile of a killer.

All in all, an excellent introduction to mental illness for the younger reader.