Overheard at breakfast in a hotel this morning, between two blokes in suits:

…and, like, you want to just press a key, y’know, do F10, but it’s not a PC!

F10 yesterdayI applaud Apple for its efforts in weaning these people off their pathetic dependency on F10. In designing a keyboard that only goes up to F9, Steve Jobs has really brought the fight to the blokes who wear suits for breakfast.

Ignore anything I may have said against him in the past, he’s one of the Good Guys really.

Update: I’m informed that Macs don’t stop at F9 at all. On the contrary, they go up to F13, just to be one better than Microsoft. It must have been the Speak And Spell I was thinking of: they’re easily confused.

In that case Steve Jobs is still a bastard. Ignore anything I might have said about ignoring anything I might have said about him.