Ten Australians the English COULD beat at cricket

10 Australians we COULD beat at cricket:

Famous Australians

From left to right: Skippy the bush kangaroo; Rolf Harris; Dame Edna Everage; Steve Irwin (with crocodile); Craig Bag of Revels Horwood; Priscilla, Queen of the Desert; Harold Bishop; both Koala Brothers; Adolf Hitler.

I know there are supposed to be 11 but we have to retain some kind of advantage.

I’m being ironic, of course. We could field the Chelsea Pensioners and still see this lot off in time for supper. But the underlying point is a serious one: that the Australian is not a mythical beast. It is a creature of flesh and blood and it can be beaten (or failing that, made to look ridiculous in drag).

UPDATE: Where blogrot leads, The Guardian follows:

The Guardian steals another great idea from proper journalists