Ain’t nobody here ‘cept for me and some tumbleweeds (ever since the goat up and left)

The ingrates over at the Guardian have started whining about the quality of comment they’re receiving. Talk about insensitive! They’re like the big fat rich kid who complains Santa brought him the wrong kind of robot while everyone else has to make do with darned socks again. Here at blogrot, way beyond the furthest flung edges of the “blogosphere”, we’re lucky if a comment drifts past every couple of months. Mostly, posting here is a lot like throwing messages in bottles off a remote desert island.

I’ve even thought about letting some of the spam comments through just to make the place look a bit more lively. Here’s one example I received yesterday from a chap named “jacksonville hotels”:

perpendiculars unrolling.agnostics nontransparent focusing!hotel rooms

An intriguing insight into a disturbed mind, especially with the accompanying URL which I’ve excised out of coyness. Mind you, if I had a name like that I imagine I’d be a bit odd.