634 no more

Pile of rubblePast colleagues at Teleca UK will no doubt be as moved as I was to discover that 634 Wilsmlow Road fell down this week. It was being converted into “luxury flats” when it was accidentally turned into a pile of rubble instead, trapping two workers in the basement for 45 minutes. (Big deal: I was trapped down there for three months!)

There are before and after photos on Flickr, as well as a BBC report.

It’s all a bit of a shame really. I have some quite fond memories of the place, including:

  • My interview in a room with a piano and a carriage clock in it
  • The company chairman telling me that one of my colleagues was “not a nice guy: he’s a c**t”
  • The proud display of dead wasps, in a worryingly neat line, in the sales office
  • The strategic placing of a huge hot water urn on the very edge of the kitchen top so that its power cable stretched tightly across the fire exit
  • The new bloke who lasted only four days, during which he kept hearing mysterious noises, asked me if I’d ever read any books on psychosis, and then disappeared for an afternoon to go for a lie down

Happy days indeed.

Photo: Pile of rubble by hugovk