I’m just looking at the line-up for Live8 in Hyde’s Park: Elton John, Madonna, Paul McCartney, Pink Floyd, REM, Sting, U2, UB40 and of course Bob Geldof. Not a natural hip joint between them. In fact, half of them came out of retirement for the original Live Aid, 20 years ago. You’ve got to wonder about Geldof’s so-called morals, parading a group of OAPs in front of a baying crowd all day for his own entertainment. It’s sick. What’s wrong with using youngsters? Where are the Goldie Looking Chain when you need them? By all means Make Poverty History, but can’t we at the same time let the old grow old in dignity?

One thought on “Justaboutalive8

  1. Thanks to Saint Bob G
    Massive hunger and mass poverty
    will be the focus on SATURDAY. And how can we educate young and the middle aged people of this world? Saint Bob will educate the masses by showcasing some of the greatest musical acts ever! I am so excited about witnessing Roger Waters and PinkFloyd together again. FOR THE VERY FIRST TIME IN 25 YEARS putting petty differentses aside . Onily Bob G could deliver these estranged band mates. In the name of world hunger.

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