A complaint

Darren writes:

Just tried to post the message below to your blog and got the restricted to team members response. What gives?

Come on Mark. This used to be a source of daily hilarity and now your posts have dribbled to a stand still. More, more posts I say. We the bored British public demand it.

Now I should point out here that Darren is not a man to be messed with. He doesn’t “play by the rules”. He’s the kind that eats his sandwiches by 10am then goes out for more. He just doesn’t care. He’s ruthless. Plus he once drove through Carrington, and that makes him hard too. Hard and ruthless. Ruthless and hard.

So, as a public response to Darren and our other reader, I’m going to try really hard to drivel on a bit more in future. In the meantime, might I suggest you try my other blog and just sort of think calm thoughts?

(Actually, now I read that back it’s actually two complaints in one, isn’t it? I think I’ll post more drivel and change identity, just to be on the safe side.)