Blessed are you among bakery products

A woman in the US claims that the Virgin Mary appeared to her in a piece of toast. Indeed, so profoundly moved was she by the sight of the mother of Christ rising from her toaster that she promptly flogged the sacred relic for $28,000 on eBay.

Blogrot never realised that the dull clung! of the toaster could so easily become a resounding ker-ching!, and will be paying close attention to anything that pops out of the blogrot Russell Hobbs in future for signs of divine tampering. Come to think of it, I could swear my crumpet started weeping milk this morning, right after I dropped it in my cornflakes.

Joking aside, blogrot is aghast at the effrontery of these scam merchants claiming to see religious symbols in everyday objects in search of a quick buck. Don’t they know that too much of this sort of thing can only besmirch the sanctity of proper miracles, such as the cinnamon bun that looks like Mother Teresa?

3 thoughts on “Blessed are you among bakery products

  1. Er….’promptly’? I wouldn’t call 10 years promptly. (Maybe the article you read didn’t mention that she’s had the sandwich sealed in a bag with cotton for 10 years.) (And that probably makes the woman almost as psycho as the person who paid $28,000 for the dang thing.!)

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